How AGI Happens

Two trends are roaring into existence. 

Trend 1. "AI-assisted self-improvement": As AI systems become more capable of understanding and predicting human behavior, they will be used to help individuals optimize their habits, routines, and decision-making processes. This will lead to a new era of self-improvement, where people leverage AI to enhance their well-being and personal growth.

As these "AI-assisted self-improvement" systems become smaller, more efficient, and increasingly are woven ever deeper into the human nervous system, this will give rise to the next trend:

Trend 2. "Bio-technological symbiosis": As biotechnology and AI continue to advance, there will be a growing convergence between biological and technological systems. This will lead to a future where humans and technology become increasingly intertwined, blurring the lines between what is considered "natural" and "artificial."

The convergence of these two trends will bring about AGI. Before we know it, we will be AGI.

Intermediate stages

This evolution will likely proceed in several intermediary stages:

Stage 1: Narrow AI applications

At this stage, AI is specialized and domain-specific, focusing on clearly defined tasks such as facial recognition, natural language processing, and game playing.

Stage 2: Augmented self-improvement

Here, AI systems are utilized for personal growth, with applications such as wearable devices, personalized education tools, and mental health support systems. These tools help individuals monitor and improve their habits, behaviors, and decision-making.

Stage 3: Integration with biotechnology

At this stage, the convergence of AI and biotechnology begins, leading to advancements in areas like genetic engineering, personalized medicine, and mental health treatment. AI-driven tools help optimize and modify the biological systems according to an individual's needs.

Stage 4: Neural interfaces and brain-computer interaction

In this stage, AI and biotech become more connected with human biology, with neural interfaces allowing direct communication between the brain and AI systems. This leads to deeper knowledge about brain function and more effective bi-directional information sharing between human minds and AI.

Stage 5: Enhanced human abilities

As AI tools become more integrated with our biology, humans will experience enhanced cognitive abilities, decision-making, creativity, and emotional intelligence. This stage sets the foundation for true symbiosis with AI, as emerging technologies empower human potential.

Stage 6: The rise of AGI

By the time we reach this stage, AI will have evolved to possess human-like reasoning, creativity, and learning abilities, while being deeply integrated with human biology. This convergence will result in AGI, with human-AI hybrids thriving as beings with augmented general intelligence.

This is how it happens. We're currently in stage 4. Enjoy the ride.